Hog Roast Day

This Saturday (October 1st) The Buttercup’s yard is going a bit medieval. To celebrate Lewes’ OctoberFeast we are roasting a hog. Yes, a whole hog on a spit.

The spit will start turning outside the cafe at 4.45am for any early risers who want to come and have a look. The hog’s coming from Peter Richards, Lewes’ own butcher up on Western Road. The delightful job of guarding the spit goes to our favourite Edward (Peter’s son). We love him and his patience.

Hog roast in a Real Patisserie ciabatta served with our homemade apple sauce will be ready to eat from 11.45am. We’ve just got to make up our minds on whether to go with the Russets or Coxes?

Biddy’s going to town on other apple delights. She’s one of our Lewes homebakers. She’s making her famous meringues which we are filling with caramelised apple and toasted pecans. She’s also baking apple muffins, apple tart and a gorgeous pudding made with apples. Claire’s on custard duty.

To keep us all entertained we’re setting up The Buttercup Human Jukebox. Well, it’s a small stage in the yard and we’re inviting all local musicians and singers to come on down and give us a tune. The Buttercup team are warming up their maracas as we speak. Claire’s even got her egg shakers at the ready. Be brave. Come & take a turn on the stage. We’re a very appreciative lot down here.

Oh and the weather man says it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

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