We’re big in Norway

Claire as featured in Dagbladet Sondag Newspaper. Photo kindly borrowed from http://www.dagbladet.no

Norway loves us. And we love Norway. We never know who’s going to walk through our door here at The Buttercup or what stories they have to tell. So we were delighted when a Norwegian journalist, Marianne Wie, turned up on our doorstep and explained that she wanted to write about the little old Buttercup for Dagbladet – the Norwegian newspaper (third largest in the country don’t you know).

It’s actually a fantastic feature with elegant photos of our beautiful town, Lewes, which they describe as having “rural Miss Marple charm”. They singled out us and Breaky Bottom Vineyard for their feature. We’re flattered.

We have had to rely on Google to translate the article for us. Our Norwegian isn’t quite up to scratch. Under Claire’s photo is the word “Gledesspredder” which rather unfortunately Google tells us means “Joy flap”. Stop that giggling and help us out. What does it mean?!

So in conclusion. We love you Norway. And promise to give you our vote in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Marianne Wie's photo of The Buttercup Cafe as featured in her article. Taken from http://www.dagbladet.no

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