Can Can Lewes

Can Can for Oxfam dancers get a Buttercup treat

This is just a quick post but we couldn’t resist posting up these brilliant photos from yesterday’s Can Can for Oxfam. A HUGE congratulations to Michelle Porter who came up with this ingenious fundraiser for Oxfam on International Women’s Day. Lauren Laverne loved it and so did we.

Well done everyone who took part. We salute you all and we’re glad you enjoyed our strawberry cremes and Buttercup banoffi puffs. It’s not too late to sponsor our local Lewes town councillor Petrina Kingham who took part in the can can workshop.

We can’t wait to see what Michelle has planned for next year’s fundraiser. If you’re feeling inspired by all these high kicks and petticoats then Michelle’s starting a 10 week can can course on Thursdays 7-8pm at St Michael’s in Lewes.

Well done Lewes cancaneuses!

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