Coming out of hibernation

The Buttercup Yard

This week of warm sunshine has left us all feeling glorious. We’re so lucky to work in a beautiful Sussex town and most importantly in a cafe where we get to be outside (well, when we’re not busy creating fresh delights in our kitchen). We have lots of tables for customers outside in our yard. Like 99% of the population this weather has made us start thinking about our flowers, plants and gardening plans for the summer. So this post is a collection of ideas we rather like.

beautiful strawberry pots as featured on

1) Strawberry pots – as featured on the lovely Country Living blog this week.

2) Alys Fowler‘s collection of articles in The Guardian are brilliant and very useful – covering everything from growing peas to marigolds.

Wiggly Wiggler's British grown flower posy

2) Wiggly Wigglers – we love their beautiful British grown flower posies in jam jars.

3) Leadbetter & Good – we couldn’t resist buying some of their latest bunting. Brilliant bold colours and fabrics for summer. Their shop is new to Cliffe High Street in Lewes.

4) Fennel & Fern – The most stylish gardening blog.

5) Garden Organic – The national charity for organic growing have great information on edible flowers. And as any of our regular customers will know, we love using edible flowers in The Buttercup kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Coming out of hibernation

  1. Thank you for mentioning our Country Living blog – I love the look of your café! It would be great to hear more about it. Do you grow your own produce as well? All best, Louise

  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for visiting our blog and your lovely message. We don’t grow our produce but we do source it from local growers, farms and Sussex suppliers (via the brilliant Fin & Farm). We use our local town butchers and fishmongers and all our cakes are made by home bakers in Lewes. We keep it as local as we can! Best wishes, Claire

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