A beautiful Buttercup wedding

We hosted our first wedding in our new Buttercup basement dining room on Saturday.

The tables were laid for 53 guests for a candlelit afternoon wedding party. We were so pleased to celebrate such a special event with John and Lisa from Lewes. They were married in Vegas and celebrated with their friends and family here at The Buttercup.

The Wedding Party

The bride and groom’s guests ate sumac, lemon and pine nut, slow roasted supreme of chicken, beetroot and feta wholemeal quiche, broccoli with Stilton, roasted hazelnuts, tomato and honey and mustard dressing, Syrian fatoush, smoked paprika roasted summer vegetables cous cous and more.

A colourful wedding feast

We served fresh fruit Pavlova with fruit coulis, chocolate mousse and lemon syllabub for dessert.

Claire creating delicious summer fruit desserts

Chocolate mousse and lemon syllabub

We had a wonderful time. We do love a wedding!

Our brilliant Buttercup staff

Buttercup wedding flowers


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