Our food

The Buttercup Cafe is a den of delights. Goodness, warmth and healthy food. We create food to make you feel wonderful.

We make an incredible pick-me-up Buttercup breakfast from 10am to 11am Monday to Saturdays and all day on Sundays from 10.30am. Cooked and prepared right then and there just for you – just the way you like it!

Buttercup Breakfast: Richards’ (the Lewes butcher) Sussex bacon, local free range eggs any which way you like them, Portobello mushrooms, cooked local tomatoes and chilli jam all served on Real Patisserie fresh ciabatta.

Buttercup Muesli
: Natural yogurt, a mound of sweet, fresh fruit, muesli and a dollop of Sussex honey.

We also serve freshly baked and toasted Real Patisserie bread, toasted teacakes, muffins and fresh warm croissant served with home-made jam & butter.

Our ever changing lunch menu

The Buttercup Lunch is served every day from 12 until it runs out! Healthy, balanced eating is at the heart of our ethos.

Our lunch menu changes with the seasons – just as it should. All our vegetables come from local suppliers and small farms across Sussex. They grow it and we cook it. It’s that simple and that fresh.

Our hot oven baked dishes and soups change each day and we always have a spectacular salad plate on the go.

Many of the dishes we prepare are gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs, veggies & others with special dietary requirements. Please do ask at the counter for more information on what suits you best from the daily menu.

Elevenses and Afternoon Tea

We serve our homemade cakes, cream teas and toasted teacakes all day. Our cakes are all home baked in Lewes by Biddy and Hilda – our lovely local cake making ladies.

Come & taste our delicate ground almond & clementine cake, decadent pecan pie, lemon cake, ginger cake, apple & cinnamon cake, rich fruit cake, serious chocolate & aubergine cake, carrot cake and last, but by no means least, Hemp Cake. Well, we are in Lewes.

Plus we do a proper cream tea with scones, home-made jam and plenty of clotted cream.

Our coffee - every way you like it

Our coffee, teas & juices

We serve fair-trade organic Sumatran coffee (imported by Rye Bay Coffee Company, a local family run business). We’ve found a range of loose leaf teas which we love from Tea-to-go and Toppers Tea.

We also make a serious Zuma fairtrade hot chocolate with marshmallows for afficionados.

Oh, and of course there are fruit cordials, fresh milkshakes and fruit juices.

We also sell treats and foodie delights for you to take home with you. Local fresh vegetables, real chocolate & Infinity Foods healthy essentials.

The Buttercup Cafe also puts on magnificent feasts for people in their homes, at weddings and special events. Come in and talk to Claire if you want to know more!

13 thoughts on “Our food

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  3. Hi – have just seen this! Thank you for your reply.

    After reading your recent blog entry I thought I would – I have been in again but you all seem so busy that I am reluctant to interrupt. Will definitely make a plan to chat to you when I come in next time.

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  5. Hi,

    We stopped by last year for a drink and some cake and really enjoyed it. We were wondering if you will cater for vegans (and vegetarians) alike and gradually become a replacement for Seasons which sadly closed last year?

    • We too were sad to see Seasons close – a much loved Lewes institution with integrity. We have thought long and hard about the food we cook and serve here at The Buttercup. We try to cater for diverse dietary requirements. The premise of all our food is that it is freshly made every day using the best ingredients we can find whether you are vegan, wheat-free or vegetarian. We’ll always try to provide a meal which is wholesome and cooked from the heart. Hope to see you here soon

  6. While looking at pictures of Lewes your cafe popped up & it caught my eye….Once I am in England I will most definitely visit. The layered atmosphere, comforting decadent food &warm faces of Buttercup Cafe make it achingly clear that yours is not simply a place to eat but a pure delight. How refreshing is this to witness when quite a few restaurants have everything decidedly placed &may provide reasonably good fare to suit the palate….yet one is left in want to feel the pulse of the machine. Quite simply what I feel it is apparent about Buttercup Cafe is those who glue your cafe together have within themselves what encompasses genuine hospitality…generous hearts!! 🙂

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