Bonfire night comes but once a year!

Buttercup Babies prepare for Bonfire: Get your best ear wear out for Lewes Bonfire!

Lewes is buzzing. Bonfire night is almost here. The excitement never wanes even if you are a serious Lewes Bonfire boy or girl who has spent their life devoted to the cause. For many Lewesians bonfire is simply better than Christmas!

Of course here at The Buttercup our focus (as always) is on food. And on bonfire day and night in Lewes you need good food to keep you going through the madness and festivities.

From 9.30am we’ll be serving a seriously good cooked breakfast. Turkish Menemen (a delicious eggs, peppers and tomatoes dish) or bangers (meatie and veggie) with red chilli sauce and our fresh ciabatta.

Plus we’ll be making chouros con chocolat all day long. Perfect with a hot chocolate or one of our glorious coffees.

Lunch will be served from midday until 3pm: bowls of hot soup with hunks of bread and plates of proper bangers and mash.

We’ll be closing at 3ish as the town turns eerily still and quiet. A brief moment of calm as the roads close before the wildness begins! Do check the Lewes Bonfire Council website for maps of procession routes, timings and advice on how to keep safe. You can also read our advice from last year’s bonfire blog post.

Here are our Buttercup staff’s top tips for Lewes Bonfire 2012:

1) “Sparkle and shine!” Connie

2) “It’s all about earmuffs! Get tickets and go to one of the societies’ bonfires and firework displays – particularly if the crowded processions in town aren’t for you. The spectacular firework displays have to be seen to be believed.” Claire

3) “Choose one side of the high street and stick to it for the night. Give up on trying to cross from one side of town to the other once the processions have begun. You’ll just get squashed!” Flora

4) “Take an unenthusiastic auntie out with you, so that she can take your kids home early when you want to stay out all night and party!” Amanda

5) “Don’t go near the precinct. That’s where the tourists go! But if you do end up there, there are bollards to stand on to get a good view” Luke

6) “Go to the church opposites Richards the Butchers at the top of the High Street and watch the procession from the grass bank there. Or head to the golf course up on the cliff for a spectacular view of the whole town and all the firework displays.” Freya

We wish all the societies a glorious bonfire night! Best of luck!


The Buttercup’s guide to surviving bonfire day & night in Lewes

Guy Fawkes & friends: "Come on boys, time for a piece of Biddy's pumpkin cake!"

The whole town is buzzing and we’re getting just a bit excited here in the kitchen at the Buttercup Cafe too. So here’s The Buttercup Cafe’s guide to surviving Bonfire day and night in Lewes. And yes, it does involve a lot of eating (and drinking!):

1) Start the day with a proper Buttercup bonfire breakfast from 9am. This is vital for those who are taking part in the procession or working on setting up the societies’ displays. You need stamina and our cooked breakfast is hearty and delicious. Some of those bonfire boys and girls like to start the day with a pint (or two). Our advice is just make sure to line your stomachs first!

2) Go on a mid-morning walk around all the societies’ bonfire sites. They look spectacular all set up and ready to go. Then come and have a delicious lunch here and get warm in The Buttercup Cafe. Bangers and mash will be the order of the day. Peter Richards’ award-winning Castle Sausages and Buttercup Café’s own home made vegetarian sausages. All served up with home made cannellini spicy beans and lashings of mash.

3) The excitement starts to reach fever pitch at about 3ish when the cars start to disappear from Lewes’ roads and the bangs start getting louder. Just time for a slice of Biddy’s pumpkin cake, apple tart or Amanda’s pumpkin pie with a delicious cup of coffee to keep you going.

4) Stay safe and if you want to dodge the crowds (and possible rain) then come and hang out in our two heated outdoor gazebos which we’re setting up in The Buttercup yard. We’re keeping it simple with an oven full of jacket potatoes on the go throughout the day.

5) We think a hip flask of something warming is a very good idea while your out late at night watching the spectacular firework displays. Oh, and make sure to use ear plugs! Here’s a map of procession routes and fire sites.

Wishing all Lewes a very happy, noisy, glorious and safe bonfire night. Hope to see you in your costumes in The Buttercup too!