Pancake Day at The Buttercup

Tossing the Pancake, George Cruikshank 1837 : Taken from the wonderful website

Hurray for pancake day. Claire’s getting giddy as she’s warming up her crepe hot plate. Tomorrow we’ll be serving pancakes throughout the day; pancakes to suit all your whims and fancies.

10am – 12 : American style hot pancakes with maple syrup.

12 – 2pm: Galette: Wholemeal, savoury crepes (for veggies and meaties).

2pm – 4pm: Teatime traditionals: Pancakes with lemon juice& sugar, blueberries or Nutella.

Our Buttercup top tip for making perfect pancakes is to make the batter tonight and leave it in the fridge overnight.

If you’d like advice about how to make the best crepes and pancakes at home, then do check out Diana Henry’s latest article in The Telegraph or you can watch Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s video on how to make perfect pancakes (great film for kids).